Here are some questions we frequently get asked about the course:
I’m already 8 months pregnant- will I be able to get anything out of this course?
Absolutely! The end of pregnancy is a particularly potent time for preparation, growth, and expansion. Because you’re so close to giving birth, you’ll need to move through the content faster than those who start earlier in their pregnancies. This can be done by setting aside a few days (perhaps over a long weekend) and really immersing yourself in the content and activities- sort of like an at home pregnancy retreat or “babymoon!”
I’m super busy right now—are there any time requirements for this course?
Nope! This self-paced e-course was designed for the busy mama. Because the content is self-guided, you can work the course into your schedule. You may want to set aside some time on the weekends or a couple nights a week, or you can simply come drop in whenever you have a free window of time.
I’m going to be having a c-section—is this course only for mamas planning un-medicated birth?
Definitely not! Glowing & Growing was created for all mamas, whether you’re planning to birth at home, a birthing center, or the hospital (or if you don’t know yet!) We believe that all birth experiences can be magical, and this course prepares you to find the beauty and power wherever/however you give birth (even if it happens differently than planned!)

I’ve already given birth before—what could I possibly learn from this course?
If you’ve already given birth before, you probably know what an intense, powerful experience it is. If you came away from your previous birth(s) feeling empowered, confident, and content—and you feel prepared for any birthing situation that may unfold this time, then this course may not be for you. However, if your previous birthing experienced left you feeling disempowered or even traumatized, or if you find yourself feeling hesitant, afraid, or doubtful about your upcoming birth, than this course is for you!  Each pregnancy and birth experience is a distinct journey, bringing with it the potential for new lessons and greater growth. By diving in deeply with the help of this course, you allow yourself to absorb the wisdom that your body/heart/spirit are sharing with you during this particular pregnancy journey.

Still have questions? Feel free to email Catie at catieatkinson@hotmail.com