More about the E-Course

Glowing & Growing is a self-paced e-course created to celebrate you on your journey to motherhood and help you get in touch with your inner strength and power.
Whether you're planning to give birth at home or in the hospital, birth center, or at home (or if you're unsure!) you'll find relevant information and activities here that will prepare you for any birth journey that unfolds.
This engaging course is unlike any other. One part childbirth education class, one part guided soul exploration, and one part creative celebration, this holistic ecourse honors your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

What is included in this course?

  • Journaling prompts
  • Creative exercises
  • Printable playsheets
  • Practical tips + tricks
  • Holistic wellness support
  • DIY herbal remedies
  • Empowering mantras
  • Guided meditations
  • Support for every stage of the pregnancy journey
This course is packed with engaging content that invites you to dive deeper into the experience of pregnancy and prepare for birth in a meaningful way.

What makes this course special?

Glowing & Growing was designed to offer inspiration and insight to all mamas-- whether you're pregnant with your first or you're already a mama to many. Our engaging, thought provoking content encourages you to explore your beliefs, get in touch with your innate power, and honor your own personal journey.
We recognize that each woman experiences pregnancy and birth in a different way, and we created this course to celebrate individuality. The open ended journaling prompts, creative projects, and thought provoking activities were designed to help you get in touch with your own inner guidance and wisdom. The information and educational aspects of this course have been created by an experienced doula with a deep respect for all birthing experiences.
Self paced- so you can begin at any point during your pregnancy and move through the content at your own speed
Honors the whole being. Emotional, spiritual, and physical preparation for the adventure ahead.
Fun and creative- Engaging projects to help you relax, enjoy, and tap into your creative power.

More than 20 Printable Playsheets + Posters

Dozens of inspiring worksheets, creative coloring pages, and informative posters on pregnancy and birth

Guided Audio Meditation + Prenatal Yoga Class

3 guided audio meditations to help you prepare for birth and a gentle prenatal yoga sequence to practice throughout your pregnancy

Research-based information + soul wisdom

practical tips + tools for the modern birth world balanced with deep soul wisdom and intimate sharing

Glowing & Growing is not your typical childbirth preparation class. Rather than simply presenting you with facts and information, this course was created as an engaging, empowering online experience to help you feel prepared and excited about the adventure of pregnancy and birth.
Glowing & Growing is centered in the belief that giving birth is more than a physical act. The transition  to motherhood is one of life's most profound journeys and this content was designed to honor the beautiful intensity of that transformation.
This course is not a lesson in how to birth, but rather a guide to help you tap into your inner strength and your body's innate wisdom so that you can navigate your birthing journey with grace and joy. Glowing & Growing will help you get clear about your preferences and what kind of birth you desire, but will also prepare you to navigate any circumstance that unfolds. Birth is a magical, powerful, often an unpredictable adventure, and embracing the wild nature of this experience can prepare us to for the beautiful ride of motherhood.